Top Dog Training Vests For 2022


There are several categories when it comes to dog training vests. There are vests that have stronger features more suitable for larger, more powerful breeds. There are others vests that might not have the same level of stitching and metal alloy, but are perfectly suited for most small and medium dogs. When looking at the vests on the market, we aimed to give a suggestion that considered:

What to consider in a dog vest

  • intentions
  • size of parts
  • features
  • price point

There is no sense spending the extra on double heavy-duty stitching when you’re planning on walking your chihuahua! Similarly, don’t expect a working breed like a lab or German shepherd to feel very comfortable with thin nylon! While there are so many choices, we will get you started with one from each category.

Best Choice for Large and Extra Large Breeds

The ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness can work without or without a collar. The buckle is a strong alloy metal buckle that can haul over 1000lbs, though we haven’t quite tested that limit!

We like the heavy stitching and load bearing points that are found throughout which gives a feeling of safety and quality. The handle has extra stitching which makes it feel quite secure.

Be sure it fits your dog well by paying attention to the sizing chart. Our labrador retriever (2 years old, 90+ lbs of muscle) has a broad chest so it was “snug”, but did fit.

We like the handle position as we can take firm hold when Gus gets excited in busy places — it’s just that extra bit of confidence that we are in complete control.

The double-clip D-ring can be found in two places: one by the collar loop and another on the back. Both give extra control, but we preferred the one on the back as it really limited any pulling.

They do run quite expensive should you be interested in picking one up. They were worth it for us, but if you feel you aren’t in need of something with quite so much strength, we do have another option.

Best Choices for Small and Medium Breeds

The Rabbitgoo Dog Vest is a great middle ground. It’s not the cheapest by any means, but at around $30-35, it’s a great price point for what you get. This would be suited for dogs up to around 60 lbs. They do offer one size up that technically could fit a retriever, but I would definitely not trust it with mine in the woods! You’re fine with anything smaller.

The great feature than many of these dog training vests have is its focus on making them “non-pulling”. This one is equipped with two metal leash rings, which is much more durable than some of the plastic materials you’ll find in cheaper options. The chest attachment clip is ideal for dogs that pull. The one in the rear is ideal for leisurely walks, jogging, and trekking.

The two buckles make putting it on and taking it off mostly trouble-free — our collie that we used as a test subject was having none of it at first, but warmed up with a couple of liver treats!

We had no issues with sizing as the straps are adjustable. Again, you can get it for a larger breed, but I’d suggest that you consider our other recommended option if yours is a younger dog, one that is in obedience training, or one that pulls.

Photo by Steve Rybka on Unsplash