Obedience Training

Adding a first dog to your family dynamic seems like such a great idea — until it doesn’t. Without having a plan that involves obedience training you are potentially setting yourself up for failure.

Many first-time dog owners unknowingly reinforce bad behaviors from the time their furry bundle arrives.

  • too little exercise
  • too many cuddles at the wrong time
  • poor diet choices
  • no discipline — or too harsh discipline
  • treats at the wrong time

The good news is that at MyFirstDogTraining.com, we will help you with several adult and puppy obedience training options.

Treatless Dog and Puppy Training Program

Anthony Louis has been a well respected trainer for decades. He offers a dog training prorgam that focuses on building a meaningful connection to your furry friend. In the program, you will get detailed guides to address many of the most common difficulties new dog owners face. Here is what you will learn:

  • housebreaking/potty training tricks
  • prevent aggression/biting
  • stop obsessive chewing and licking with diagnosis
  • offleash training
  • how to reward properly (without treats!)

Anthony has a great offer on his program, which we can confirm is available (2022) at a fantastic rate. To take advantage, visit Treatless Dog Training today.