As with anything, you get what you put in. Literally, what you feed your dog will affect everything. It will impact their quality of life, longevity, and the relationship they have with you and the world around them. A quality puppy or dog diet is crucial.

Our Top Dog Diet Picks

Am I giving my dog enough of the RIGHT nutrients?

Is my dog’s food causing health issues such as heart disease or even cancer?

Am I taking years off of my dog’s life by feeding her poor quality food?

And what is in my dog’s food, really? How is it even made into a kibble?

Not all dog foods are created equal. Most dog owners who are invested in their furry friend’s wellbeing, will ask these extremely difficult questions at one time or another. And with good reason — there are many reports that show the potential health issues with commercial dog foods. AAFCO is the organization that determines the nutritional requirements in commercial dog food.

Others are convinced that a homemade diet is the best. An explosion of recipes for making homemade dog food has surfaced. While we do like the option to feed raw, and are not against making homemade food of course (our selection for top choice is homemade!), we would like to throw caution to the wind. The recipe you are getting isn’t necessarily vetted by someone credible. They could be — there are certainly some good ones out there — but knowing who to trust isn’t such an easy task.

Our choice is one that puts freshness and quality at the forefront. The Viking Dog Diet has less to do with the Norse from the middle ages, but does take their appreciation for the natural world at heart.

How the Viking Dog Diet is Different

The viking dog diet contains a well-researched approach to feeding your dog. Not only do you get options based on the breed, age, and size of your dog, but you get the how and why, which is missing from commercially-bought products. Check out some of these benefits:

  • easy to prepare, step by step instructions
  • natural and readily available ingredients — REAL FOOD!
  • NO additives and unnecessary fillers
  • easily digestible nutrients

And if that wasn’t enough, here are some other benefits to this natural dog food diet:

  • smaller bowel movements
  • less odour in breath
  • many report less shedding
  • weight control
  • healthier skin and coat
  • more relaxed
  • improved joint health
  • cleaner teeth
  • allergies easier to control
  • fewer vet visits

That last one was the greatest benefit we saw. Fewer trips to the vet seemed at first to be just a bonus but then we saw it as a major factor in why a raw diet for our labrador retriever has been a blessing.

If you are intrested in giving the Viking Dog Diet a try, here is a link to this program here: